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Thread: Upploading 24/7

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    Hello everyone I have an account with a couple small torrent sites like iptorrents and bitsoup they have a couple good torrents that i have downloaded the thing is i like to seed to get a good ratio i leave my computer on with the torrents seeding 24/7 does great for my ratio but i was wonder how many other people leave there computer on for long periods of time when seeding. I know a couple of friends who have to share a computer through out a household so they cant really do it. How about you guys.


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    I have a seedbox... and it's on 24/7 :p

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    yea i seed 24/7 on my home pc and on my seedbox.

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    nice whats your average uppload

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    I don't turn mine off

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    If you have trouble keeping a decent ratio then you should do whatever it takes to improve it. Seed all night or all week if need be. For my purposes I have never needed to seed overnight to give back at least 1:1 but I usually give back 3 or 4x the download amount and I am off the torrent but to each his own. I have, near the end of the month put up alot of gigs to burn off the extra stuff but not to much.

    Some guys seed the whole ttl of the torrent but that is sometimes for e-penis but if that is what they enjoy then more power to them. My friend wont pay for a box and has a pretty poor upload with his ISP so he uploads overnight and usually he wakes up to a nice ratio and can move on to the next one. Matter of personal opinion and that is mine
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    home computer - 24/7

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    24/7 since 2003--only stopped for reboots

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    Quote Originally Posted by silvertec View Post
    24/7 since 2003--only stopped for reboots
    i used to do that with my computer in the living room by remote control...yea i'm lazy. I've stopped since i don't need to have a ratio above 5 and my electricity bill slightly decreased

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    I have a 768Kbps conn so I have no choice but to leave it on for long periods of time. Though I am the only one using the net.

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