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Thread: I'm New To This...

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    ...but can I download as much software as I like with no comebacks or are there rules that I should be aware of? i.e. don't register


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    yea thats pprob biggest rule DONT REGISTER

    but get anti-virus software first

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    everyone starts somewhere, mate...

    firstly: make sure anything you download has a lot of sources (this will make it quicker, and it will also be more likely to be what you wanted, and not a swedish porn film - or use verifieds for the latter point)

    second: the first thing to get is a virus scanner software...i reccomend Norton Antivirus, get a verified, and scan everything you dl, even if ur granny sends u it!

    third: there is no comeback (dont get caught )

    fourth: mostly, software have serials, which can be found either zipped up with the software; on kazaa seperately; or on the web, use google for "serial + softwarename" and youll generally get it

    fifth: enjoy, and get as much as you can
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    Much appreciated....

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    All I can say is, if you download a copy of a file, and it is an illegal copy, registering it is the same as saying "Look Mr. Software Manufacturer, I stole your product, and here is my address, telephone number and my name."...

    ...and I leave the rest to your imagination.

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    only joking&#33;

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    I guess what I&#39;m asking is, is there a way they can, without my doing anything, see that I&#39;ve nicked their expensively developed spftware?

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    let me clarify that - I can see that is possible to download it safely as you guys are doing just that - but is there a way that you protect yourselves from detection? Or is it really as simple as not registering?

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    I do not know about others, but I do nothing other than not register and am yet to get put in Jail. I really have not heard about anything else except for firewalls, or Peer Guardian type software, but I do not use that.

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    Just one rule you should be aware of. In the nicest possible way.........SHARE&#33;

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