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Thread: Striper Club In Vice City And Other Things Needed

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    I have the ablity to buy the strip club in vice city. What are the advantages to buy the strip club beside looking at girls strip. DO i get profit after awhile and where would i get the profit from.

    After you kill diez and complete few missons there will be a money sign right outside of the mansion. Where did this money come from and it keeps on coming every minute or so and why. thanks for all the help you provided and klite forum is the best.

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    You make money from the place, but the job to complete the mission is actually really stupid. U basicly have to goto a back room and watch the stripper for atleast 10 mins.. she loops the same stupid dance, doesnt get naked or anything like that. Man they used TERRIBLE quality rofl.. i just turned the screen off for 10 mins.

    Rockstar games is trying to scare us with they're lazyness of making a mission lol.

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    The money that is coming to your mansion is protection money. You remember when you smashed the windows out of every store in the mall, they are paying you protection money so you won't kill them or destroy there stores. When you killed diaz they thought they got off the hook. At all places that you buy that has missions, after you complete those assets, you get money making at your places.

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    okay thank you very much


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