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Thread: Portugal under-attack by Riaa what can we doo.....

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    The top torrents site has ben closed down yesterday by the autorities, is the first time something happens, and maybe a wake-up call to all of us in <Portugal who have been watching while sitting down in the couch to the american caos, and thinking this would never affect us....

    the police confiscated hard drives, servers, and toke the "lider" to the station to interrogate....

    fuc* this man....

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    Never mind you will just have to move on...

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    I would tell them where to go. I mean the record industry association of America really has no right policing Portugal.

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    RIP BTuga You guys don't understand this, only members of the community do. This was a so fuckin' great community!! The sysOp and admins of this site have even made their own Bittorrent client. :S

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    This was indeed a really bad situation.
    And worst was the way that the portuguese media andled with this information.
    It camed out all distort.
    Now, there is almost a "witch hunt" by the authorities and the "ignrant" public opinion to the p2p..

    Just to clarify, it was not RIAA who ordered the investigation to the authorities..


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