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Thread: Please God Help Me! Huge Bittorrent Problem!

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    I tried to get Jedi Knight 2 off BT, it made a folder and automatically reserved the space, it did about 1% before I decided to cancel it...Then I went and deleted the folder, and all the files, and I didn't get my space back! 700 Megs missing! I don't know what to do! I've done scandisks and everything... Then I went and tried to see the problem and began Downloading Warcraft 3, I looked in the folder it reserved, there were about 20 rar files, and it took 500 megs off my HD, but when I look at properties of that folder, it says 0 bytes, resumed the file and then after it did 1% I deleted it cuz it told me the folder was 500 megs, which was correct, I got those 500 megs back... I can't resume the Jedi Knight 2 one, becaues I deleted the folder and didn't get the space back! PLEASE GOD HELP ME! almost a gig has gone missing and I it them back!
    Please help me !

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    umm.. try turning it off, or try dling sumthing else thaen it usually go s back for me.

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    its called emptying ur recycling bin...either that or the space that ur missing is from something else..

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    it takes time it sometimes takes 10 min sometimes a day samething happen to me!
    oh and when u DL from bittorent they reserve a space already so its suppose to - -700 megs


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