I'm searching for some, (or in best case - one), private DC-hub. I'm already a member at 15-20 but most of the really suck! Some of ther are quite good though but i know there are better once out there, even if they are really hard to get access to.

I've allready been a member at two of the legends that the scene busted for a couple years ago, (think you know wich two i'm talking about), but lost my accounts then. I didn't really worried to much then since i had a ftp-site and was'nt allowed to use DC anyway. But now when i'm starting to getting tired of BT and want back to the big archives on DC i am once more searching for a really good hub.

My connection is 100/100 so speed won't be a problem. Discspace is at 1.5TB, (600GB rar share now).

Please send a PM if you think you have anything good, promise i will make it up to you in a good way!