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Thread: Infringement Warning?

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    [FONT=Arial][SIZE=7][COLOR=purple]I'm sure there's a thread regarding this somewhere that I overlooked... but...

    I just got an "email" from what appears to be a bot of some sort telling me that I've infringed copyrights.

    I find it frustrating that the "bot" gives an official-looking nickname, especially after I have signed all of the waivers that KaZaA has offered and am in full knowlege of the items on my hard drive AND have gotten ALL my files FROM KaZaA to start with.

    What is up with this? Is this a legitimate user or someone trying to scare people? Also, how do I get ahold of someone who can investigate it further if it is someone who likes to go around threatening folks?

    Thank you.

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    The RIAA and many others look for copyrighted files.

    What you should do about it, depends on where you are, as every countries Laws are different.

    There are 100,000's of these sent out every the studios, not by KaZaa....You would have to be sharing GB's of files for anything other than a standard warning from your ISP, at worst.

    There are LOTS of threads about this.

    I suggest you look through the pages of "Filesharing" and the "Lounge" (where many wind up, due to spamming....)

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