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Thread: Who has installed the wii key?

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    So I just ordered the wiikey and have been reading every little piece of info I possible can on it. I know exactly how to take the wii apart, and all of the tools that I need. However, I have never soldered before but I feel like I have watched soo many friggin videos on it that I can probably do it.

    I'm looking for someone that installed the wiikey themselves as well. Did you use wires? How exactly did you do the soldering? Did you apply the solder to the wire and some on the point and then put them together? What direction do you need to solder the wires in so that they fit correctly?

    Also, I hear a lot about NTSC and PAL patches and if you put a PAL game in with the wrong patch and yada yada your system can brick. First of all, what does bricking mean? And second of all, how do I install the wii key updates? Where do I get it from? And last, if I update my wii will it get messed up?

    I just have a lot of questions and I dont know where to turn. BTW, I have a 1st gen NTSC wii.

    Thanks to anyone that may help.

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    Bricking means it basically kills the drive/system.

    Ive dine the CycloWiz. Its just like the wiikey. It is incredibly easy to install.

    I like to solder the chip directly onto the board. To start add a little solder to the points before putting in the chip. To do this just heat the point with the iron and dab the solder on. Do not hold the iron on too long or you risk damaging it. Drop the chip in the fill in the gap with solder.

    Takes me only a few minutes to install one.

    Ive started making my own chips based off WiiFree Price is less then $1 each. Free if you get samples of the chip you need from (like 9 total chips a month)
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