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    Is it possibel to Install a pirate version of spearhead over a pirated version of alied assault. I have downloadd multiple copies of both, and always get an error when trying to install Spearhead that says - it cannot find a us/UK version of Allied assault. I have removed the nocd crack, with the original EXE. Just wondering if even trying to figure this out has a point.

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    Yes its possible, first dl the registry patch released by flt. its called mohflt.reg then patch allied assault to v1.11. then install spearhead. my email is if you need that registry file. all you need to do is double click it. after your done clean installing the game without the no cd crack

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    I just did it. I'm sharing a copy of Mohaas on Kazaa right now. Mohaas.img - 748,095. It must be burned to CD for it to work and you must install it in the same directory as MOHAA.

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    Thanks alot RUDE, I have tried to install so many times, get angry.

    Thanks again


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