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Thread: Help! I Can't See The Drive In My Computer!

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    Okay boardies, I really need your help here.

    I just attached another HDD, I can see it in device manager but I cannot see it in "my computer!"

    Do I have to format it first?


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    Read the instructions that came with it. You do have to format it.

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    Thanks a lot, will do.


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    You need to have a partition on the drive first. If you are in Windows XP click: Start>Control Panel>Swith to classic view>Administrative Tools>Computer Management>Disk Management. You can partition your drive(s) there.

    Once you have a partition, you can then see it in 'My Computer' and you can actually format it there. Right click the drive icon and select 'Format' on the menu.

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    Whoa! That took like one second to "format" the disk.

    Smooth, I must say.

    Thanks for your help.

    edit, continued...

    I used the floppy disk that came with the Western Diggie HDD and it literally took one second to format the disk, after I followed the instructions on the jumpers, etc.

    I allocated a static 1500 MB (starting and ending) for the page file on the disk (that is all that is on it) and I am running better than when I had no page file at all---and I have enough RAM to pull that off, but personally, I think Windows runs best with a dedicated disk for a paging file. And this is only my experience from a few minutes of tinkering.

    Maybe I will change my mind. Right now I am just spamming the board with my exitement. Thanks board members for you support and friendliness!


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