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Thread: Red Hat Linux 9

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    Yeah, this question is going to sound really stupid...

    How do I browse my hard drives using Red Hat 9? I am new to Linux, and figured the only way to learn it was to put it on and get it going..well, it's going, and im trying it out...someone please help me with this...thanks...

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    click the little picture of the house this is your home

    delete everything in konqurer's url bar after the / and this is the root of your drive.

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    Do u mean your windows partitions. If so ur gonna have to do some configuration and if they're NTFS drives then its a little more work as RH9 doesn't automatically support NTFS (legal reasons I think?).
    Theres some info here about red hat and ntfs and you'll have to edit a file called fstab which is located in your /etc directory to get this to occur automatically each time you load up. Theres a little info in the link i gave above and theres some help included in RH9 if u need more try google or post back and I'll have a look at what i've got in my fstab file(I can't remember the commands )


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