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Thread: How Do You Burn Bins Without Cues?

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    i dont remember how to. I remember someone said there was a way. Anyone know how to?

    I downloaded raven shield bins files. But the cues werent included so thats why I am asking

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    Just make your own cues from note pad, its so easy

    If you want to make your own Cue. just open note pad. copy and paste

    FILE "nameofyourgame.bin" BINARY
    TRACK 1 MODE1/2352
    INDEX 1 00:00:00

    Put whatever your BIN is named between the parentheses

    Save it with a .cue extension

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    You do not need a .cue to burn, as you can see buy how easy it is to create it really does not do anything. There are many programs that will burn without a .cue I use CDRWIN, I know its interface sucks, but it gets the job done, and rarley misburns.

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    You can also burn it on nero without the .cue.Burn an image file then on the drop down menu just choose .bin,and burn away.

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    or get cdmage which does it for you

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    I just downloaded the mafia fairlight files, but the files are applications. I can play them if I mount them on to a virtual drive. I want to put them on cd, but they don't show up as an image in alcohol 120%. Do I have to make cue files for all of them, then burn them?

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    how do you make cues in notepad? You just type everthing you put done?

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    easier way is just convert the bins to isos. then u can just burn them as isos. easier then making your own cue

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    OK the name of the file is Mafia.CD1.Fairlight.Sharereactor.BIN.exe. How do I burn it. It's not a bin file and the size is 737mb, I little to big to put on a 700mb cd.

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    bins can be bigger but when u burn it it will fit on a cd. i had 2 fast 2 furious as 720 meg and burned at 690.

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