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Thread: Geocities Down?

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    hey people, got a french exam in half an hour but just have a quick question:

    Is geocities down?, I can't acsess any geocities site, not even my own and even if I go to my file manager I still get the same error message.

    But, I'm quite worried as yesterday my firend told me he could see it but thats probably due to him having the files on his computer (temp internet files).

    So could you help me out by seeing if your geocities site (or any for that matter) works and if so be able to suggest reasons why it wont work for me please

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    it's working here

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    damn, I was hoping you wouldn't say that, lol.
    ok, so there's something wrong with my pc I'm sure.

    Coud it be host file or similar?

    I had two viruses yesterday but they were healed by avg easily, so what could it be?

    thanks for the reply, btw.

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    someone help please, I wanna update my site but cant see it, lol.

    As far as I know it's only geocities sites which I can't see.

    edit: sorry for posting twice in a row but I'd rather do this then a simple 'bump'.

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    geocities works fine for me too

    fuck Derby County

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    Geocities works here fine as well. I opened your page and it opens up fine. Whats your connection type? Maybe the connection was slow at the time when you were using, but thats only if you are on 56k.
    Otherwise it should work fine.
    What exact error are you getting? Try opening up once more...
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