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    Sometimes when i d/l stuff using bit torrent it turns out like many rar. files all of which are 15 mbs. I know with these files you just extract them to one folder and they automatically convert into bin, or avi ...etc

    My problem is that on one particular file, (Hulk, 2GBs The Game) when i finished the files were not in rar. format. When i tried to extract them to a folder, not .

    Does anyone know how i can fix this? By the way i got the game off of Supernova, so if anyone got it from there and figured out how to use it, do tell. thx

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    I just deleted 3 posts identicle to this, and moved the 4th into the "Other p2p programs" forum.

    I even left the link, so you could follow the topic.

    Please, no more.



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