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Thread: Poor Sick Guy...

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    At work, this guy has been under performing, and his boss has called him into the office. Since the guy cannot explain why he is under performing, the boss orders him to see his doctor, to find out what is wrong with him.

    At the surgery, the doctor does all the usual tests, but cannot find anything wrong. As a last resort, the doctor takes some blood samples and tells the patient that he will send the samples away to be analysed, and that he will have the results back the same time next week.

    All week long, the guy has been worrying about what the samples may reveal. Eventually, he visits the surgery to get his results. The doctor asks the patient into his office, and tells him the bad news.

    'You are dying. You have just over 7 hours left to live'.

    In complete shock, the guys goes to see his boss, and tells his boss that he only has about 7 hours left to live.

    The boss scatches his chin, then looks at the guy and says...

    'You do realise that I will have to dock you one hours pay then'.

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    Poor sick guy..lawl

    PS: Didn't realize this was an EPIC BUMP!
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    Poor sick guy

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    Poor sick guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Legend1987 View Post
    Poor sick guy
    You don't say?

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    and how much that is going to be ?

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