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Thread: .Net Framework 2.0. Noob Losing His Mind!

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    I'm about to slit my wrists, longways. I'm using a Mac OS X and I wanted WiiBrickBlocker so I downloaded Virtual PC with Windows XP pro.

    .Net Framework wasn't installed yet so I installed Framework 2.0.

    Now, I have no idea what I'm doing with Windows. Whenever I try to run WiiBrickBlocker 1.3 I get an error from .Net Framework telling me that I need to go to the configuration tool and fix the permissions in order to run it. Also, it was in French and I had NO IDEA how to patch in the English.lng file.

    I googled the configuration tool for Framework 2.0 but it didnt help me at all. It gave me a bunch of paths that didnt exist for me.

    First it told me to go through the control panel to the administration tools and the .Net Framework Tool should be there.... but they werent.

    It also said to use SDK 2.0 Framework to launch it through program files, but there is no Microsoft .Net Framework in my program files!

    Please help me out. I'm sure its very simple.

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    RE: the last bit: Are you sure you got the SDK?

    The framework is just the foundation, the SDK is a set of tools for it, like.

    I've never had that kind of problem with OSX (haven't really used it for anything but playing around) so I can't really help you beyond that, 'cos I don't know whether you need to set permissions in .net somehow, or if you need to run it as admin/root or something.

    But at the very least you can consider this a bump, I guess


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