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Thread: Cakewalk Project 5 Or Spectrasonics Stylus

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    it would be a HUGE HELP thanks all!

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    There's a huge cakewalk project 5 file on emule. about a gig or more I think. sorry I don't have the ed2k link

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    any other good links?

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    Mar 2003

    0.98 GB (1,060,043,323 bytes)

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    I dont use edonkey or eMule cause they are slow and it always says its gonna take 356h or somethin and then im put back in a queue after downloading 56kb's of the file waist of time

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    Mar 2003
    Odd, must be the way you configured it. I pulled enough to fill 100 CD's off in a long weekend once.

    This one took me overnight.

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    can i download it off u off kazaa upload it to kazaa and keep the download lines free so i can dl it what connection u got?

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    ?u there


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