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    You may have seen Southern Comfort - a great Walter Hill movie - the title track is by Ry Cooder and quite well known - I'm trying to find some of the other music from the film - towards the end the two remaining troopers are in a dance hall where a band is playing Cajun dance music - these are the tracks I'm after

    Names of the tracks would be great

    But in fact just a pointer for where to look would do fine

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    I am from south Louisiana and I am sharing quite a few cajun and zydeco files on SoulSeek. I haven't seen the movie but I have a lot of that type of music. I have the same handle on SS as I do here so look me up and I can hook you up

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    Thank you, much appreciated - I have not tried Soulseek yet but I will look out for you on here

    You should check out Southern Comfort - it's a great movie


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