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    Im tired of all the spam.... What is a good prog. to stop it.. What do you use to stop it in outlook express ????

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    You change your email addresse, and create a free hotmail one, whenever you need to give out an email addy to download something, give the hotmail account. That is the best way to protect against spam, all programs to do it are based on rules which are quite easy for spammers to get around.

    Also never unsubscribe from mailing lists (makes you adresse worht twice as much, because now it is confirmed as a real addy.)

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    I do the same thing use the hotmail for the crap stuff however some site wont let u subscribe with hotmail for security reasons

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    With outlook express i use a program called spam inspector which fully intergrates itself into outlook. Gives you the usual options such as well as being able to report to the spammers isp and bouncing ability's. Been working ok so far and i have noticed less spam getting in my way, but a few emails put in the spam delete folder have been legit, but nothing is perfect i guess

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    I use MailWasher its free from there website and lets you bounce or delete. Works fine for me. B)


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