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Thread: Antitrojans

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    Does Firewalls works like antihacking software ??

    P.D : I'm using Sygate

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    Yes a bi directional firewall can stop a trojan from connecting to the internet.... But only a bi directional firewall like sygate pro... norton 2003...Im not sure if the free zone alarm is bio or not...You need a firewall that will montor traffic going into your machine and out of your machine..... The best thing to stop a trojen is anti virus software...

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    Originally posted by ricochet@25 June 2003 - 03:42
    The best thing to stop a trojen is anti virus software...
    All correct, except that the best way to protect from a trojan is a trojan scanner (the cleaner is one that is decent) It picks up trojans that both Norton 2003 and AVG miss

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    The free ZoneAlarm is bio as u call it. A trojan isn't always detected via an anti-virus programm so I agree with toddiscool. A anti-trojan programm like anti-trojan, trojanhunter or trojanremover isn't a bad idea.
    But also these programms have to be updated cause trojans get better (not a good word for a trojan though) by the month.
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    I would strongly recommend the following

    ZoneAlarm Pro 4, to disrupt the operation of trojans

    Anti-Trojan 5.5, to scan for them and eliminate them.


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