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Thread: Harry Potter Book 5 Discussion

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    I was very disappointed on the way a certain character died in this book. It was a really stupid death. Does anyone agree with me? And also the whole book seemed like one big movie script.

    The book was like this
    then harry snarled, "bla bla"
    then snape said, "lala"
    Lupin stalks the bunny.
    Hagrid jumps out and roars out, "how dare you stalk him"

    Well i m still buy the sixth book but this book seemed rushed

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    I would have to agree, about the sudden death, i expected a more grusome death. But oh well. And i was suprised about the dating situation for harry. It was barely touched on, and then she finds someone else like that. It was a very good book though the the

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    I have to admit, that the 5th hp book did remind me of a movie script, but all and all, it was a good book. No one expect the sertain character to die, it sucks.

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    i liked the book! Ginny has certainly come out of her shell...

    I loved that character I did have to read over the death a few more times...just to convince myself...

    I tell you what tho - Loony is gonna be on my list of fave characters!

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    What about the rumour the book isn't written by Rowling at all. Just for marketing issues she's the writer??!

    She seemed to suffer a severe writer's block! That's why this Potter is different as the other ones!?
    Not that it matter's to me much didn't like the books anyway...
    They are blown out of proportions big time, poor books just a big hype and a great marketing concept...

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    me likes the books loads, but I know loadsa people have the same opinion as my lovely Jetje!

    i like the books cos I feel they are evolving lots...the characters are growing up, so they're bound to be a little bit different, plus there was bound to be more darker stuff now that you-know-who's back!

    I was a bit miffed that we didn't really learn loads about Lily Potter tho

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    I am a big fan of HP (now that's out of the way)

    the 5th book sucked...

    It appeared hastily written and incomplete

    storylines hadn't evovled enough, then rushed to a dead end

    the death was vvv badly written, almost like a throw away character that she couldn't bother to develop, which is a shame really as given the characters history it could have provided a good running storyline (hence the inclusion of the arch as an afterthought, i.e. a way to still comunicate with the dead person)

    the whole book felt like a stop gap until the next REAL book comes out

    there was a whole lot more that could have and should have happened, the whole mystery behind harry should have been delved into a little more deeply and not just skimmed over

    I do agree that some of the characters introduced will be a benefit in coming stories, but feel that the existing characters could have been developed a hell of a lot more, snape has been given a very small role in this book when I felt after the 4th book he would have been far more prominent

    In fact the book was basically a blueprint or map to the 6th book where I feel alot more information will be given, you will see a lot more of snapes dual-spy role and a lot more death-eater vs pheonix(or D.A) action and involvement

    I have read the book 4 times i full and agree with a lot of people that JK was under pressurre to produce so just thrown this book to the wolves to appease their appetite until the REAL story is written

    now... Does anyone think that given J.K's recent press report that the whole story will be turned on it's head by the time it is finished will lead to the following conclusion:-

    I think that Lily & james Potter were in Voldemort's inner circle and this is what led to a bit of a break in the ranks and Voldemort's decision to kill them and their son, especially in light of the prophecy which is clearly being used to show that Harry would in fact be the next great wizard which would mean the end of voldemort

    There are a number of subtle hints that point to where everything should meet and become one path, no more big bad wizard vs old good wizard, but one great wizard, all the houses should unite to become the greatest school of wizardry with the one great wizard to lead it

    just my thought on the matter.

    I also think that J.K is going to finish this whole lot in the next 2 books and with that finish the Harry potter series for good, she has basically come out and said she wants to end the affair sooner rather than later, so be prepared for 2 rushed out books to finish the matter

    again just my opinion

    I will be buying the next books until I have the full Harry set but am hoping that the next one is a more finished article rather than a thrown out appeasing money-spinner like the 5th book.... how anyone can go from the heights of the 4th book to the doldrums of the 5th without it being both unfinished and a sacrifice is beyond me

    PLEASE J.K, return to the form of the FOURTH BOOK for the sake of your fans

    ~-- patience just takes practice --~

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    Well, I won't go quite as far as the last poster, but I definatly agree that this wasn't her best work. Strange, you'd think it'd have been less rushed as it took 3 times longer to write then HP4, but, well, I guess it happens. I did see the death coming, I didn't buy the popular theories on the net because it just didn't make sense, the death in my opinion was the one person who was not critical to the story but everyone liked, thus the one who'd die.

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    I just finished the book yesterday, and I actually liked it quite alot. I do agree that it wasnt as good as the third or fourth books, but it was better than the first two. I think most of the characters developed very well, especially Ginny, Fred and George, and Ron. Ginny is now very open (i was surprised to hear her swear when she got caught in the library with chocolate) and her talents are coming to the surface. if you have read it then I am sure you know about Fred and George. and Ron is becoming much more confident. I also liked the fact that Harry's relationship with Cho was not developed any more than it was. she is a very fickle character and i think that in the next book Harry will find someone that he likes, and has been there for him all along. *COUGH* *COUGH* i mean come on, kisses on the cheek are a bit of a hint.

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    If kisses on the cheek are a hint, well, that puts in quite a few combinations. I'm starting to think the Ron/Hermione theory is correct. As for Harry, well, there might just be home for him somewhere... I can't figure out who, but someone'll be there, I'm sure.

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