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    ok guys, while looking through this part of the board, i saw that basically every other topic was a question about bit torrent or suggestion, or whatever. lets see if we can make this a one stop spot where we can ask all the questions, or anything to do with bit torrent.

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    Great Idea, but these very quicky turn into a discussion about something else, or many question are ignored. I do agree that A pin, or a single thread for bittorent sites would be good however. Anyways just my Opinion, I just think they get pointless after a couple of days.

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    I put a guide where people can ask questions and i'll answer them and put them on the main post if i think they are relevant. But not a lot of people use it. And i do answer all my questions so just post it there. toddiscool is right, if you have a place like this meaningless discussions start and the thread is wasted. Plus people like there posts to be seen. If they are all stuck in one thread its harder to get recognition.

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    Was wondering if theres away to limit bt upload speed. The damn thing is eating up all my bandwidth and I can&#39;t do anything else while its running. I thought it was based on a tit for tat exchange rate. I&#39;ve been watching others suck from me at 400 kbps while I my files are growing at < 1kbps. WTF? I started Matrix reloaded 5 wks ago and it still hasn&#39;t finished. I wound up dl&#39;ng the 3 cd set off Kazaa 3 wks ago in less than a day.

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    Try the Experimental BT Client. You can set max. upload and so forth with it.

    There&#39;s a link in Lindorez&#39;s Bittorrent guide
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    ah someone who wants to limit the uplaod, u dont seem to get that lowering the upload will slow the dl, they are proportional.

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    Anyone know when a new BiTorrent client is due out?

    One that is capable of pausing Uploads/Downloads.


    Scrolling through the details section of the files being downloaded.


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    Hello everyone :-)

    I&#39;ve a question concerning BitTorrent and PeerGuardian which might be worth asking in here rather than starting it as a new topic :-)

    When using BT is having PG running at the same time any use at all really? I&#39;ve had PG close a few connection&#39;s but does that stop my IP being visible in the Experimental client at the closed IP&#39;s end?

    Thank&#39;s to anyone that can answer this :-)

    Also, yyiryyib, you said "ah someone who wants to limit the uplaod, u dont seem to get that lowering the upload will slow the dl, they are proportional." but this isn&#39;t entirely accurate for all connection&#39;s. When it comes to cable limiting the upload can help with the download, i&#39;m not entirely clued up on the specific&#39;s but it&#39;s something to do with the communication between peer&#39;s. However, if you do need to limit the upload then only do so by a small percent to help your download whilst at the same time helping other&#39;s download speed&#39;s aswell :-)


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    question.. how does bittorent connects to u i mean do u know when its uploading from u.. for example on kazaa u know when ure uploading to some one and what ure uploading but when ure not downloading from bitorrent and its suppost to be close do u still upload to people? because my modem has 2 lights that keep flashing when ever im downloading or uploading from kazaa/shareazaa/DC or w/e and sometimes when im not uploading or downloading it starts flashing alot like if it was uploading.. hmm weird

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