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Thread: Gta: Vice City

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    Has anyone found a real file for GTA:Vice City that works for the PC?

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    Ohh noo!!! I make dribbles!!!

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    Originally posted by Keikan@25 June 2003 - 03:44
    Thanks a lot man, just one more question, there are 4 files there, 2 of which are just cracks I think (leaving 2 others). What is the difference between them?

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    Originally posted by CadeLaguana@25 June 2003 - 06:05
    I went to take a look.  Those are 2 bin images (cd images from the original cds containing the contents of the original cds and you need nero or something to burn it to a cd).  The other two are cue files, information givin to programs like nero to tell it how to burn.  You can just daemon tools to install it though, much easier than wasting cds.  I always do that instead of wasting my cd's to burn, if it doesnt somehow work with daemon tools or it needs it to be on a cd, then I burn.
    Thanks a lot for the help man, but I don't think I can download them, they are no users

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    there should be users, i'm uploading both discs constantly. Try using 'search' in Kazaa (use the search tab, type 'FLT-VCA' or 'FLT-VCB', click 'search', click 'search more', ...), and it will find sources...

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    How fast is your download?

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    Isn't there a zip file like GTA3? That file was about 140megs, downloaded fast, and worked great.


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