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Thread: Any idea how to recover my hotmail pass.?

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    Hey guys,
    after 4 years that i own my hotmail mail,
    someone stall my password,
    i don't know how,
    he is clever cuz he changed the alternate email..
    and i could not find where should i enter to recover my password through the secret question, because i think i remember the answer of the question...
    so plz!! anyone know how can i recover my password in my email through the secret question??
    and if anyone now how can i contact hotmail staff/help team/... plz tell me!!

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    Doesn't look good

    Gmail all the way

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    I think youd be pretty much screwed with gmail or any other free emailer.
    Depending on their support....

    I found this -
    not much hope

    although i have read of articles on google which show you how to hack into hotmail

    try send an email to your account asking for it back.


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