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    Ok I know that this has been doen over and over again and it is getting boring, I mean it looks like most of the topics are clones of the others. So before I start lets keep this one to either supporting or going against my theory. I hope that this is not something that someone else has said, I have read most of the threads until they get dumb, ok here it is.

    In the US ( the leader of this so called "war on P2P") a VERY big player in the distrubution of movies, music and games is time Warner. In the US time warner charges probably the better half of all high speed internet users 50 $ a month for internet access (Road Runner, AOl, and Earthlink) and those that they do not own (verizon, comcst and whatever else) pays time warner to use their backbones.

    Does time warner lose more from pirating than they make from internet service? NO!!

    If filesharing becomes Illegal the very next day I will turn off my highspeed service and pay 5$ a month for dial up. And I would bet that i am not alone.

    = Big loss for intenet providers all over the world.
    this theory does however beg the question.. arn't the ISP's on the wrong side of the fence here. I think that they will realize this and stop releasing IP's in the US. Ofcourse most other countries including mine adhere to that privacy privilage.

    Do I download more that 50$ worth of games and music a month, YES, but most don't.

    Bottom line - more money for these companies providing the service to do it with than they lose by stopping US.

    I know that yes there are a lot more distrubution companies that warner brothers, but you see what the impact would be for many companies if filesharing stops.

    Please I welcome someone proving this one wrong, but it sounds just about right to me.

    Couple of quick notes for those who get scared by all this.
    *If you get an email to the addresse that you provide in your profile - they do not know who you are.
    *If you do not live in the US, they aint gonna do nothing to ya.

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    I don't feel the two relate, though you think they would.
    I'm starting to feel the whole thing is just another way to pick at our freedoms and screw with us.
    If filesharing becomes Illegal the very next day I will turn off my highspeed service and pay 5$ a month for dial up. And I would bet that i am not alone.
    Shit I'll go back to NetZero for free.

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    Peer 2 Peer is the most powerful thing on the web in my will never die.......mabey massive programs will decrease.......thats about all though.

    If Peer 2 Peer did disappear, so would the high prices for I right?


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    Originally posted by toddiscool@25 June 2003 - 05:26
    If filesharing becomes Illegal
    Isn't it already illegal?

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    I believe it will get to the point that we begin trading CD's full of MP3's using good ol' snail mail, until the RIAA comes up with a legal way to scan packages to see if they have illegal CD's inside. Then, we can trade CD's with MP3's much like drug-dealers...yeah!


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