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Thread: Windows Manager in FC6 ? (leeware)

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    How do I install a windows manager (to move, resize, close windows) in Fedora Core 6 on top of xterm ?

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    yum -y install twm

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    great, thanks !

    do you know how to restore the utorrent window after closing are reopening the vnc player ?

    Do I need to kill the process and restart it or there is a way to restore it ?

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    u try wine utorrent.exe ?

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    yeah but it is just a detail, it dosent really matters.

    another thing, my WebUI dosent work...
    I placed the in the right place and ticked the Enable in the WebUI tab, but still, I cannot connect.

    Edit : I fixed it, I was trying with :8080 and not with the torrent port.
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