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Thread: TheDVDClub Invite request please

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    I put this in reply to another thread and realized afterwards I should not have hijacked the thread but make my own request.

    DOes anyone have a spare invite to give for THeDVDClub. My all time favourite download is a full DVD. I recently heard of this site and it sounds so perfect (as OINK is to those who love music I guess!!).

    I don't know anyone personally who has this, and I don't trade...I give. When I have invites I give them away and when I ask for an invite it is freely asked. I don't mix the two!! So it is hard to find access to this sites unless I find that rare person who is kind enough to just give an intake.

    Karma moves in circles.

    Any kind soul out there who can help???

    If so, Please PM me and I can provide my email address. I'm unsure if the rules allow me to post my email in an open post, but in case I left it out as I can easily provide in in a reply to a PM.

    thanks again!!

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    wrong section...


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