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Thread: Got Ffvii Off Bittorrent!

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    right so, I got all 4 cds, but wen i burn em on 2 a disc, with nero, it just puts all the files on the cd!

    ive got a:

    IMG file

    Can sum1 tell me how 2 burn these plz? many thanks! ive wasted like 4 cds already!

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    You burn subs with CloneCD, easy as pie. Availble on kazaa. I think you can do it with Nero but easier to just use CloneCD

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    Two hours? That's pretty fast on bittorrent I usually get slow speeds on there.

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    Really? I get really fast speeds from supernova around 80-300kb

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    Well it depends what the file is. Some are really fast but then others take a day usually.


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