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Thread: Question about OOL Newsgroup server?

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    I am using Optimum Online's newsgroup server and I can't read the headers of some groups like a.b.boneless. They aren't even listed in the groups list but I can download from the groups just fine using NZBs?

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    fastplumb's Avatar D'rip
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    I dont use OOL my self but thats sounds odd that you cant see the groups but you can D/L from them using NZBs.
    I say learn to live with it or try a premium account, i think Easynews do a trial account you could use to do a test.

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    what reader are you using? You can manually add it to the server list or to the groups you want to download headers from often.

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    Boneless isn't available on OOL, for sure.

    I'd be careful dl'ing from them, when you try to connect it's on peer guardians list.

    Get a premium, that's what I was forced to do.


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