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Thread: The Byebyeads Scam

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    Is anyone else having a problem? How do you stop it please?

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    Im net realy sure what your talking about but over the weekend i had a lot of strange messages poping up on my screen saying go to and stuff even though i had my popup stopper and firewall up ect is this the same thing your talking about

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    Yes. This is the same one. It apparently accesses your computer through Messenger and it difficult to block. I have MaCaffee Firewall running and that does'nt stop it .I was hoping someone would be able to suggest a solution. Sorry ghost944 I did'nt mention your name.

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    That doesn't say much for MaCaffee Firewall now does it! Sygate Won't let anything through unless you initiate the connection. Everything else is either remembered and auto blocked or it will ask you before allowing Any communication in or out.
    Sygate Pro is on kazaa and you can PM me for a keygen or single licence

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    i always use sygate pro and i deleted ms messenger ages ago because i never use it so is there some other way

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    The messenger involved is NOT MSN Messenger as the general [clueless] opinion is, but that of a system messenger for admin to contact workstations in networks. Of course, home PCs don't use it but Microsoft don't take it out (stupid pr**ks they are).

    If you want them to stop, then you need to shut down this Messenger - It's a one-off procedure (unless you reinstall Windows) and is done through the Control Panel.

    Only problem is that I can't remember the full method off the top of my head - I'll have another look and if no-one can remember it either then I'll put the method up.

    As for the AV/Firewall thing - Norton & ZoneAlarm Pro all the way

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    Here's something I posted a while back that came from Maxium PC magazine.

    I have a PC with XP Home edition on it and a cable modem connection to the Internet. Every 15 minutes or so, I get a message from Messenger that's an advertisement of some kind being broadcast to my IP address. Is their any way of stopping these messages from popping up?

    Spamming people with the Messenger app built into Windows is the newest, lamest attempt to get people to "increase their penis size" or "work from home." To stop the spam you have two options: Either install a firewall, such as Zone alarm (, or turn off the Messenger service. Note that the Messenger service is different from the Windows Messenger instant messaging client. The service is used by system administrators and some system utilities, but it's safe to disable it on most home machines.

    To turn it off, open the Services panels by going to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. Scroll down until you find the Messenger service. Right-click it, and select Properties. Then change the Startup Type to Manual. Press the Stop button to shut down the service, and press OK to save your settings.

    That's all you have to do to stop the messenger spam.

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    XiIo. Thanks for solving my problem, and everyone else for your suggestions hopefully it is now sorted. Thanks once again. :beerchug:

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    Ghost, if you have Sygate and things are still getting through, you need to tighten it up a bit. Have you checked all th boxes in advanced options?
    You may not be running in stealth mode either if you haven't.

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    Btw, there is NO way you can stop these messages unless you either use a router (I think so, i've never encountered these messages) or do what I posted. Unfortunately, firewalls cannot block these messages from the Messenger Service. It's ok to turn off unless your a network administrator that needs to send messages across the network or something.

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