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Thread: need help in tstracker

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    Welche Clients werden empfohlen? (Kreuze alles an was zutrifft)
    4.Nova Torrent
    6. Azureus
    7. PTC

    Welche Vorteile hast du als Poweruser? (Kreuze alles an was zutrifft)
    1.Ich habe keine Wartezeit mehr
    2.Ich kann kann selber Torrents hochladen
    3.Ich kann die nfo-Dateien lesen
    4.Ich kann mich als Uploader bewerben
    5.Die Admins bearbeiten meine PMs schneller

    please help

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    Their signup page is rubbish because I speak German and still can't find the correct answers The thing is, those questions, or rather possible answers, are not properly explained in the faq/rules pages.

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    huh been trying to figure it out myself with no luck either. let me know if you guys figure it out.

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    first question means which clients are recommended (you have to choose every recommended ones) in this case i guess it's azurus

    second one
    Which advantages do you have as a power user? (Crosses of everything at which applies) 1.has no more waiting period 2.Ich knows can Torrents high-load 3.Ich can read the nfo files 4. can apply me as Uploader 5. Admins work on my PMs faster
    i guess no. 5 is wrong and no. 2 so you have to check the other 3

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