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Thread: Sim City 4000

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    I've downloaded cd 1 bin and cd 2 bin - nothing happened when I double clicked. ah ha! I thought.... and proceeded to save them to cd. then loaded them up and again nothing happened.

    Please help as how can I waste my time if the game won't work?


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    Did they come with .cue files?

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    A bin is an image of a CD and needs a cue or text file to tell the burning software what format to write the image to CD as.
    Either find the cue with the exact same name as that file or use something like WinISO to convert it to either a folder where you can try running it from or an ISO which nero will burn using" file/burn image".

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    all I have is a icon resembling a window for each file which when opened briefly opens a dos window where nothing happens. And I seem to be unable to explore them....

    don't really want to download again if i can avoid it......!

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    thanks balamm going to try now

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    actually Balamm - being REALLY unknowledgeble about all of this could you explaina little bit moe - I've now downloaded WinISO and have opened the first bin file with it.................

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    Ok if you look at the top menu it should say "extract". Make a folder on your desktop and make 2 folders inside that.
    Extract each bin to a separate folder and then try to run them from there. If it won't run, you may have to use the convert to ISO icon and then burn each ISO to a CD for it to work properly. If you open nero, in the upper Left corner you'll see "file". click on it and go down to "burn image". click on that with a blank CD in the drive and nero will do the rest.

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    thanks again....

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    Alchoal 120% then you can mount it and not wast a cd-r if you decide you dont like it.

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    put both bin files onto the desktop in new folders and managed to get the first "cd" to download it's info onto my C: then up pops "please insert disk number 2" - so decide to try the nero thing you are talking about (does my language give away my lack of expertise.....?), go to file > burn image and up pops a window for me to choose what to open. I select to open new folder 2, it offers me auto run and when I double click this........ nothing

    sorry to nuisance you sooooooooooooo much but you seem so helpful

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