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    I am a serious age of empires/kings/conqueres fan. I was expected lot out of Rise of nations. Seems like Rise of nations is a flop. I played the Demo and it didnt impress me at at all. Now I am trying to download the Full game to have another tryout but its too slow. Download speed never goes over 3kbps. I didnt expect it to be this much flop that not enough ppl are sharing. Those who have already downloaded, did you guys also had comparativley low download speed?
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    i am also a big rts gamer, and i found this game not to be that good alomost like aom which i didnt enoy, my fav rts is empire earth, this game is awwesome and i am hoping to get the second one coming out soon!!!!!!!!!

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    I downloaded it with about 20 kb form bittorrent.

    I dont think thatnits a flop IMO its a pretty good game-

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