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Thread: Your favourite ten movie scenes and why

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    Hi Guys

    I don't know if this topic has been done before, but I thought it would be interesting.

    Treat this list as the top ten movie scenes you would take to a desert island if you had no other entertainment, aside from body surfing. They will be the scenes that really moved you, or you think are technically good, or plain old entertaining.

    Please state the movie, the scene and the reason why you rate the scene.

    Zulu - 3 British ranks firing. Pure military precision and very powerful.

    Crocodile Dundee - where Dundee climbs over all the subway patrons - heartwarming

    Private Ryan - the battle at the end of the move as the German armoured cars come into the village. To me that was very realistic, the pure adrenalin was amazing. Image having to be in such a situation.

    Last Of The Mohicans - the scene at the end where the Indian guy climbs up the mountain path. The way the music starts quietly and rises in volume builds up a great vista.

    Waterloo - An old war movie the aerial shot of the British squares. Technically very well done and a great achievement to get so many extras to perform so well.

    Cocktail - The scene with Tom Cruise and ? Byron (Aussie actor) make and shake their cocktails in the bar. Very entertaining - don't we wish we could all do that !

    Back To The Future - The scene where Michael J Fox plays Hendrix guitar at the school prom. Very clever concept and very well done. Made me laugh for hours after.

    Forest Gump has a couple

    Ray - where he plays and sings on stage with one of his backing singers, the tension is intense and you can see where Ray got much of his inspiration from.

    I'll add 2 more scenes in a few days.
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    good topic. My fave r:

    Heathers: last scene when Christian Slator blows himself up - great soundtrack. Its the perfect build up to the end of the film.

    Pulp Fiction: When John T and Samuel L blow the guys head off in the car by accident. It's so damn funny and unexpected. I laughed my ass off!

    Go: When they've just run over the "drug dealer" chick and the actors are pretending it's a scene in their tv series and they have "Molly in make up is waiting". It's really funny.

    Fear & Loathing: The scene in the desert on the way to Vegas..."Did you see what God just did to us man?!" "God didn't do that, you did it! You're a f***ing narcotics agent - I knew it!" ..."We can't stop here - this is bat country." One of the funniest scenes in a damn good film.

    The Usual Suspects: One of the last scenes in the cops office when we realise that Kevin Spacey is Kyser Sose. The cop is looking at all the press clippings on the wall. It ties the whole movie together and I for one didn't see it coming.

    5 is good enough for me

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    bloody board...double post
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