i have,

bitme 160g VIP account + invites
PT 9g account
DB 35g account
FB 25g account
rSR almost fresh account
HDBits almost fresh account
Thor's 20g account
RmvBusterS 35g PU account
TD 25g Xtream PU account + invites
Demonoid 300g Regular User account + invites
BTmusic 50g old account
indietorrents 4g old Uploader account + invite
TheDVDClub 100g account
Bitsoup 1TB account
TTi 80g PU account + invite
dimeadozen 300g Uploader account
TvTorrents 55g account
SITR a little buffered account + invites
LM 7g 4 weeks old account
ElbitZ 10g PU account
STmusic 8g old account
FileMP3 25g PU account
softmp3 15g old account
iPT 50g PU account + invites
BiTT 8g old account
DesiTorrents fresh account

pm me with a reasonable offer.

prefferable : bitmetv, theplace, thevault, and lvl 6+