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Thread: Whats the cheapest solderless xbox mod chip?

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    I took a little time to think about my options before i got thread happy lol,
    And i just want to get my xbox fixed, i dont really care about all the other stuff as im not a heavy gamer and will mostly be using it for dvds, so really once i install the chip and fix the box i wont really need the chip.
    So, that being said,
    I just want a dirt cheap chip that will just work,
    But im a butterfinger and id probably screw the whole thing up trying to solder it.
    So whats the cheapest 100% solderless chip available for my 1.0 xbox that will allow me to swap my hard drive and maybe even back up a game or to to the hard drive also.



    P.S. Does anyone out here live in Fort Wayne? I heard that McVans will supposedly fix any system for only $25, but i really dont believe that.

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    silent h3ro's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +9BT Rep +9
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    Have you heard of softmodding?

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    1) I didnt know you could softmod if your hard drive is bad.
    2) All of that is so confusing........

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    Kebert's Avatar Xela BT Rep: +13BT Rep +13BT Rep +13
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    Your hard drive does not have to be bad for you to be able to soft-mod an XboX.

    Soft-modding is easy .. if you think it's too confusing then read it again...

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    I third the soft mod.

    I used the mechassault exploit on my xbox. Very easy to do. Check out Xbox-scene. They have a lot of tutorials that are easy to follow.

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    But be aware that the softmod doesn't work on newer xbox versions (1.6) If you have the newest revision you definatly need a modchip

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    suprafreak6's Avatar Suprafreak6 is Back!
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    no it works on all...


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