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Thread: The Eye 2003 Horror

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    it is on kazaa Lite DvD Rip

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    Art/Foreign and Thriller
    1 hr. 40 min. A young blind girl, Mun (Lee Sin-Jee) who gets a cornea transplant that returns her sight to her soon discovers that she's gotten more than she expected, as she starts seeing... ghosts. Hoping to find an answer to the mystery of how to make the ghosts go away (or at least stop being scary and threatening), she begins an investigation of what happened to her corneas' former owner, Ling (Rujinanon),

    (whose face she sees when she looks in the mirror).

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    Posted The Eye a while back have a look in verifieds


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    Yeh it's on Kazaa just finished DL'ing it can't wait 2 watch it...


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