For the presidential primary debates CNN chose to try a new format utilizing youtube so the general public could ask the questions instead of the usual establishment.

The Democratic party candidates all turned up but the republicans are not so willing. (only 3 agreed) The others either did not reply to the invite or claimed scheduling conflicts. So CNN has offered to reschedule and are apparently being met with the same unwillingness to participate.
Now there are claims that it will be biased questions from the left as CNN would decide which questions are used. Given that the same people claiming CNN will just have left wing questions have been asking if the Democrats can't face fox news how can they face terrorists then I ask if the republicans can't face the American internet users how can they face the terrorists?

I will admit though that people should just ask their questions and not do it in the form of a cartoon or other gimmick, but given that the questions are open to everyone I have to wonder what is more frightening for the candidates :----

Questions from the left or questions from their base.