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Thread: Front audio not working?

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    My PC has a front USB, speaker and microphone port like most. I have a 5.1 system hooked up to the back ports, but now that I'm working with music production and I use two systems for monitoring audio, I'd like to be able to easily switch between the two.

    Plugging my headphones into the front audio ports achieves nothing no...The software connected sensor doesn't detect anything in there, and no speaker I plug in through the front ports work....Am I doing anything wrong?

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    Are the front ports actually connected to the motherboard/soundcard?
    Many aren't.
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    My initial thoughts are the same as clocker's, assuming it isn't a pre-built system (and even there's a possibility that's the case), or that they are wired back-to-front.

    Your motherboard will almost certainly have a 10-pin front-audio connector. By default these usually come with jumpers connnecting ping 5-6 and 9-10. Your case probably has 7 single wires (with pin-header plugs) to connect the front panel microphone ans speaker connections.

    You need to connect/check the following pins
    1. MIC-L or MIC
    2. Ground
    3. MIC-R or MIC Power
    4. N/C
    5. Right Out
    6. Right Return
    7. N/C
    8. No Pin
    9. Left Out
    10. Left Return

    If plugging your headphones into the socket switches off the sound from the rear ports but doesn't give output at the front then you may have output and return (5-6 and 9-10) reversed.

    Note also, the ground pin(2) is common for all the other pins, so if that's not connected the other pins will have no effect (although shutting off the rear audio would still be effective).
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    on the past 2 mobos I've used the onboard rear audio outputs have a dual use.

    if you plug 5.1 speakers into those rear jacks, the mobo may automatically recognize the need for a 5.1 signal.
    (otherwise your audio driver configuration utility may come into play)

    this may be why your front audio jack isn't working.

    try disconnecting the speaker system you have plugged into the rear of your PC and see if the front jack begins to work.

    my .02

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    Quote Originally Posted by clocker View Post
    Are the front ports actually connected to the motherboard/soundcard?
    Many aren't.
    i think he is right cuz sometimes shop stories just put the MB in the CPU and Plug the Power and the Restart buttons only and dont care for any thing else

    so before starting downloadin any thing or contact any one check this first !!!

    change it so i dont get my A** Kicked


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