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Thread: Can't get into SceneTorrents even after paying

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    zanderzone's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +17BT Rep +17BT Rep +17BT Rep +17
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    Jul 2007
    Hello all

    One of my friend, who is a member of SCT, told me that an invite could be purchased for 20 Euros , so I went ahead and transferred 22 Euro into his account (20 + some paypal fee)

    He provided me an invite subsequently, but when I click on i, I got this

    I'm definitely not new to torrenting scene. I have Bitme, Bitspyder, Potuk, TorrentLeech, BitmeTV, Oink and I maintain pretty decent ratio on all of them (clean ratio)

    What I know about invite is , if the max member limit is reached, you could be only invited through one of the member, but it doesn't seem to the case with SCT.....

    Any SCT staff member here??? Can somebody help me....Please throw some light

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    sniper06's Avatar Im invisible BT Rep: +25BT Rep +25BT Rep +25BT Rep +25BT Rep +25
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    Aug 2006
    Try now there is 2 spaces and try with differnt browser not firefox

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    I'd never pay any money to access a torrent site.. thats just wrong.

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    n00b BT Rep: +14BT Rep +14BT Rep +14
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    Feb 2007
    You have to wait for a free room.
    You just have to keep trying...
    The invite will be disabled after few days & the inviter will get it back, and he can send it to u again.

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    freedom's Avatar Kizuna ^^ BT Rep: +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35
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    You must to wait and try time to time until you will get in.. nothing else you can do..

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    go now

    Registered users 14999/15000

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    zanderzone's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +17BT Rep +17BT Rep +17BT Rep +17
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    Jul 2007
    thanks friends, got it now

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    I don't get this. From everything I've seen, this website is very private and uptight about who gets in, yet the allow people to buy their way in? (This is an honest question)

    EDIT: I guess that was a very open ended question. Question, SCT really allows people to buy their way into the site?
    Last edited by vobilli; 07-30-2007 at 04:53 PM. Reason: better question

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    Jun 2007
    yup, all users @ sct are allowed to buy invites. 1 invite = 20 euro, 2 invites = 30 euro and so on. I think it's wrong, but I guess the owners and whoever gets a share, doesnt mind

    If this part of the P2L system wasn't hidden under the name "donate", I think it would be illegal too since the users buying these invites doesn't always gets what they pay for. There are no guerentees.
    Last edited by kaula; 07-30-2007 at 05:02 PM.

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    Ahhh I understand. So registered users can buy them, not unregistered. Got it, thank you

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