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Thread: Screanshot Taker, In A Video Format

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    I ave once had a program cant remember what it is called now, thats why im here, I took like a video of my movements on the pc, so i could set it to recors my moniter and when i playe it back its a video of my desktop and me opening apps..etc. Remember what its called?

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    Snag-it is a good one.
    There are more however look in verifieds under : Hypersnap,camtasia and there are lots more.

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    not quite waht i was looking for, i want smething that will record my moves, then i xan watch back what i did.

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    is this what you mean?


    Screen Recorder

    Screen Recorder captures images of the desktop, a window or a user specified region as an AVI file and BMP files. Or 'HandyCam' can be used to capture screen.

    Screen Recorder has a 'WatchIt' mode that if it is selected, program automatically traces the selected source (desktop) and records only when changes occur, otherwise pauses itself. Program also has a 'Manual Record' function. User can specify the compression, size and speed of the AVI created, specify 'hotkeys' for 'record' and 'stop' buttons.

    Screen Recorder has a Photo Studio and a Movie Studio. By using Bulent's Screen Recorder, you can create AVI from any picture files even if they are different in size, resolution etc. You can resample AVIs by changing speed or compression. See Screen Shot!

    Author: Bulent Baltacioglu

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    These programs take advantage of the PrintScreen Command and continously print the screen (frame by frame) and make it an .avi. , heard spying/moniter software allows u to do that every once in awhile also. LoL, like if you caught a wife/husband cheatin on ya.. youd have video proof lol. They'd be like, wtf a video!?


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