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Thread: 07/08 New Season Soccer Team Jerseys

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    If every user put the picture of their favourite team's jerseys,we can help people who want to buy new jerseys like me.

    These are my team's(Fenerbahçe)07/08 jerseys

    Home jersey

    AWAY jersey

    3. Jersey (generally for european matches)

    However, I bought these 2 from ebay 1 hour ago because ı love them,I have never seen arsenal jersey like that until that time and barca's away jersey is the best

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    Buying shirts off of Ebay is dangerous, they may look real and even come with tags but they can easily be faked.

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    I wanted to buy a Villa shirt from their site, but it was like fucking $100.

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    Bought the new Reading FC 07/08 away shirt few weeks ago . Kick ass Arsenal shirt doesne't look too bad but i could not see myself wearing the Barcelona top. i'd look like a walking fruitcup. And if you bought on ebay they're most likely fake.

    @maebach , that price seems right, my shirt cost me $120 but i love my club. <3
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