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Thread: would appreciate an ScT invite

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    Hi, I would appreciate if anyone is feeling generous and would like to invite me to ScT. I am a member of quite a few torrent sites where good ratios are hard to achieve, and have managed to keep ratios above 2 at all of them by never deleting torrents and seeding 24/7 on a 20/5 connection. I do not trade invites or accounts, and all my BT accounts are under the same username, and I can promise the same treatment ScT account.

    Yes, I know this has been tried before many times, but I figure it's worth a shot. Quality communities in non-specialized trackers are hard to come by!


    Edit: as you can see in my signature, I am also looking for FTN ... so, I would appreciate an invite to FTN as well, although my hopes for that are very low.
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    I do not trade accounts or invites!


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