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Thread: Update: My hard drive just booted! Easiest softmodding method?

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    So this is sorta an update of my other threads,
    I have an xbox with a bad hard drive, and after i didnt touch it for a good week or so, i was bored so i just decided to hit the power button, and i heard no horrid clicking noise and all sounded normal. But it was on the opposite side of the room not near my tv but by my computer so couldnt see the screen but im sure it was asking me to set the clock.
    If this happens again, and i think it will, i should look up some softmodding stuff so i can be ready. And tomorrow i should go pick up a controller.

    First of all, ive read some softmodding stuff and its sooooo confusing, is there any good sites for total newbies who have no ideawhat they are doing?

    Ive read that the most common way is to buy this Action Replay thing. Well im not buying that, for $30 i could get a modchip and hassle some people to install it for me.

    Ive read that it is possible to use a USB stick (I have a Dane Elec 1gig laying around and some SanDisk cards).
    Im going to order the controller to usb adapter within the next couple days (unless there is anotherway).

    So ill be going to movie gallery to look for some of those games soon.

    And i just read about this like half an hour ago, hotswapping wouldnt be of any help to me would it?

    So, whats the easiest way to soft mod the xbox (without buying action replay) thats not going to cost me more than a mod chip?

    Thanks, im not going to start more threads now by the way lol.

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    i think hotswapping would be the best way, you wouldnt have to buy the action replay max (really tho... buying action replay max would be the absolute easiest way to hack your xbox..seriously, like in 5 minutes)

    by hotswapping, you would put the hacked savegame file onto the harddrive... then start up the game, and load up that saved game file, and it'll install the softmod.

    read this:
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    Ehh, softmodding is easy. Dont even have to buy Action Replay if you can get your hands on a memory card.

    Install AR software
    Drag and drop file posting in thread on memory card
    Copy file
    Click 5 or 6 buttons

    People say hotswapping is bad and dont like to do it. Runs the risk of frying your drive/computer/xbox. Ive done it a few time with no problems.
    Need a cheap/easy way of modding your xbox? Check this out.


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