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Thread: Windows 2000 Service Pack 4

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    Service Pack 4 for Windows 2000

    English version

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    Is there a detail page for this update? I can't find it at MS and get this reaponse from every search >
    Search Results

    for "w2ksp4_en.exe" using All words

    Search needs a word or phrase to search for. Please try again.
    Search needs a category to search for. Please try again.
    Please enter a unique search to refine your results. You entered  "w2ksp4_en.exe"  for your previous search, and those results are reflected in the list below.

    Sorry, no results were found for this search.

    this is the only page I could find related to it but it looks like it's just a USB2 fix?;en-us;819332

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    Here's a page with all the fixes There are over 600 bugs fixed.

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    So it's a beta then?

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    No, the final is released.

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    If it's final then where is the Microsoft release article for this download?
    Every file has one and it should be listed in the server updates I would think. I've checked them all and checked the windows 2000 updates page and it says nothing about it. Is this a Win2k datacenter release maybe?

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    Maybe they haven't put them up yet? I have a friend that was in the SP4 beta, and he got an email today saying the final was released.

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    I'm guessing Paul got the link off of BetaNews. They do stuff like this all the time; linking to the files before there's any official announcement.

    They just did the same with Winamp 2.95.

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    I got it from Neowin.

    It really is the final version.

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