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    Personally i Believe that KoRn is/was the one of the best bands out but when they did albums such as Issues and Untouchables it really decreased my opinion of them. I was in Oregon yesterday when i was listening to the radio and i heard this really hard hitting song and it happened to be koRn and it wasnt anything i have heard at all recently so it has to be new. I checked it out and i found out that they are making another album as we speak and it should be out by the end of summer. I dont know about anybody else but im pretty confident that its going to kick ass just as much as life is peachy or their first one. I hope. so what do you KoRn fans, ex-KoRn fans, or Non-KoRn fans think about this?

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    i used to love korn, back in the days of "a.d.d.i.a.s" but soon lost intrest when they wedged their head up their own behind, and started doing it all for the money.
    They can tak' oour lives, but they cannae tak' oour troousers!
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    Just see my post in the verifieds, 'did my time' is available to dl, and yes the next album will be like lip, not like issues or untouchables...

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    Originally posted by sayl00@25 June 2003 - 21:48
    Just see my post in the verifieds, 'did my time' is available to dl, and yes the next album will be like lip, not like issues or untouchables...
    ya i hope that what KoRn said was true cause im not up for another korn disappointment like the last 2 times. but im sure its going to be good

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    KoRn will all always rule in my opinion ....still my favest band ever

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    Korn is a good band...have all their albums...untouchables and issues were different i must say...but they had some really good songs on them...they just weren't full albums (missing something)...But i still regard them highly for what they've done and what they are trying to do...Trying to distance themselves from the whole nu-metal scene and trying to go for full metal...And for that i give them even more credit...

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    I don't have a problem with Untouchables, it has some good songs in my opinion, Thoughtless is my favorite. But Issues really disapointed me. I've been a Korn fan for as long as i can remember, and I've always respected them. They were starting to lean more towards rap-ish with Untouchables (somewhat like Limp Bizkit did), but with their new single, it does sound like they are coming back to the Korn we love. I can't wait till the next album, its gonna rock!

    Also, I have the new single. If anyone wants it, send me a PM.
    edit: its the album version in case anyone was wondering, not the radio cut

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    Korn is the music :*

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    Korn were always good i loved there earlier stuff but i havent heard anything about them for a while i think there just taking a break

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    actually they have not taken any breaks since they started working on untouchables which came out in june of 2002 and now the next album should be coming out during the summer and the 3 song single with "did my time" is coming out july 22nd.

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