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Thread: Hard To Find Movies

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    n e one know????

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    One word : Bittorrent

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    whats the addict??

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    2 Words/ KA Zaa

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    Look Dickwad, he's talking about REALLY hard to find movies.. and those movies are only found on Bittorrent. and THE ADDICT is part of my signature, look at my identity, and you'll see it says caffeine addict... think about it man. Try not to shoot your mouth off Dickwad, when you don't know what you're talking about. You keep acting like everyone's a retard. You know what they say - a liar will call you a liar, a theif will call you a theif... and you just implied he was a retard.

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    kazaa is total shit for old and rare movies

    for them you wanna use bittorent and emule you should find just about any old and rare movies with those 2

    fuck Derby County

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