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Thread: Seedbox reccomdations

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    Hello all.. Just looking for some advice on where I can get a seed box that matches my requirements(hopefully)

    anyway looking for

    10mbit dedicated or 100mbit shared (both unmetered or at least 2-3tbs a month)


    unmanaged(of course)

    looking to spend about 60-100 a month...

    I have used leeware before wasnt 100% impressed with them...

    If anyone has any good recommendation's please let me know... Thank you

    Edit: Im aware i spelled recommendation's wrong in the headline but it wouldn't let me edit that.. sorry

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    Well for about $70 you can go with leaseweb but i think you only get 1-2 tb hosting.
    For $20 you can get leeware and prob be able to up around 2tb.

    Imo if you want 2-3 Tb you should go with a few leewares\hosting ie vps

    or get a hosting ie dedicated(opteron 144 160gb hdd unlimited bandwith) for 49 Euro month plus 78 euro setup

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    Thanks for both replies... Main reason I asked was cause if anyone really had any personal experience with what would fit my needs... ill check over all the ones in that threat you provided madazu


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