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Thread: i cant handel it(need real help plz)

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    like you probebly know i got banned from bitme yesterday.
    i go to the mirc and talk to them here the chat:

    <sean1705> i dont mind to keep this all day,i work very hurd to get this acc and to keep good ratio. i wont give it away easy. you can talk to me 5 minute try to undestund me and help me and you can keep ignore me....
    <Drisanna> Ahhhhh. . .
    <rinsed> sean1705, take a hint
    <rinsed> we wont
    <rinsed> you can keep up all day
    <rinsed> so can my scripts
    <sean1705> and what you get from it??
    <rinsed> nothing same as you
    <sean1705> its not easyer to help someone? thats need help? whats you job here if not to help peps?
    <rinsed> keep people like you out
    <sean1705> i try to get my acc back
    <sean1705> like me?
    <rinsed> you wont be getting it
    <sean1705> what you mean by like me?
    <rinsed> yes assholes who can't accept they wont be getting their account back
    <rinsed> and keep bothering us
    <rinsed> while we were perfectly clear you wont be getting it back
    <sean1705> if you had a good resone i whold say you right wish you good day and say bb
    <sean1705> but you dont have
    <sean1705> you dont even say to me y
    <rinsed> we have a good reason
    <rinsed> the reason is we say so
    <rinsed> that is good enough
    <sean1705> and you think its good enough?
    <rinsed> yes it is
    <rinsed> now be gone since it wont change a thing
    <sean1705> well i dont think so. i pay alot of money to pay me seed box and pay money for my internet
    <rinsed> we are not your seedbox we are not your internet
    <rinsed> we owe you nothing
    <sean1705> you owe me an explanation
    * rinsed sets mode: +b *!*@*,
    * rinsed sets mode: +b *!*@*
    <rinsed> nope we don't
    <sean1705> its your job. try to keep us the poor users of bitme happy and with an explanations. if no then y you here?

    and then i got ban again from mirc.....

    after that i go to log in my db acc and its disable also and so is my oink.

    someone can help me? what do i need to do now?
    i afrid to get ban in all my trackers for no resone ?
    someone can try get my acc back?

    oink and bitme was pu,db was new one...

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    good luck

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    How can we help you?
    You must've done something wrong, that might have given them a reason to be mad at you. Noone else, but you, yourself, can probably help you here buddy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kondason View Post
    like you probebly know i got banned from bitme yesterday.
    Why would we know exactly?

    Sorry for your loss man, but truthfully I dont think there is anyone who can help you.

    But GL anyways.
    Its been awhile but I'm back... well sort of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oilslick View Post
    good luck
    he doesn't need good luck
    he needs help
    they are stupid foolish pple

    i feel like him
    and i have been banned b4 and u can ask samoyan he give me a free invite for that tracker and i got banned for nothin .

    look i can suggest a solution
    we ( all pple who have acc in bitme or they have had acc on bitme) will go to the irc and ask for a reason for all what they done for us
    we neeeed pple
    we neeeeed somepple share us this problem or they will be banned in the future and no one will ask for them
    help him to help u in the future
    i'm in

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    I think you know the reason (its not for being Israeli)

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    i realy dont know the resone..
    i never cheat i was old acc like 30 weeks and pu with 8 invite so i dont think you can think that i was cheat.
    if i was cheat and thats was there resone they whold tell me.
    but they dont a resone they did it just for fun.
    and so is my oink acc and my db gone

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    Last edited by nihility; 08-02-2007 at 01:20 PM. Reason: already answered

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    I feel for you man. But, there is nothing that you can do now...other than trade again for a Bitme invite and work your way up to get it buffered.

    Sorry, just noticed that yr oink and db gone too. DAMN!

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    its probably that you have high speed on your seedbox or something, and they thought you were cheating, so you should give them speedtest prrof to show them that. if thats not the case then i dont know what is

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