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Thread: My Colors On My Computer Are Not Showing Up Right

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    the colors are not showing how they are supposed to and i thoght it might go away but it didnt...i can see that the color matrix thing is also messed up in some can i fix this?(also on the settngs my options for the resolution show up larger than my video card can handel and on tru color 32 bit , some thing show up wrong)

    ps- i scanned my computer and i have no viruses....

    id appreciate any help, thanks all

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    Check the settings of your monitor and find the "degauss" option.

    Degauss, maybe that will help.

    For us to be helpful to you, please tell us the specifications of your monitor.

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    i have a proview lcd 17in monitor....i dont know the preference is was a gift...i have a VGA video card...and what is the degauss option?

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    1280 x 1024 @ 75 Hz
    Display Frequency
    Color/Color Temperature Yes/2

    There is no degauss on LCD's. LCD's in general have fewer configuration options.

    Check you osd and adjust your display frequencies

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    what did you mean by thoes settings? it didnt help


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